Company's name JELOSIL Srl
Head offices, production and store house      Strada Padana Superiore, 317 - 20090 Vimodrone (MI) - ITALY
Legal seat Via Oberdan, 2 - 20064 Gorgonzola (MI) - ITALY
Chamber of Commerce Milan - 607082
VAT NUMBER IT 01255630152
Activity Production of infrared and ultraviolet appliances for medical, aesthetic and industrial use 


JELOSIL begins to operate in Italy in 1957 producing ultraviolet and infrared devices for aesthetic and medical use. 

First  model of infrared and ultraviolet rays lamp produced in 1957

Subsequently it began the production of ultraviolet lamps for heliography machines and infrared medium waves lamps for drying and heating through IR irradiance.
During the last years the production of UV lamps is particularly developed for industrial appliances (curing of paints and adhesives and for non-destructive inspections) and for medical appliances (treatment of some skin affections such as psoriasis and vitiligo with UVB radiations).

In year 1999 the Quality System was certified by DNV according to standards UNI EN ISO 9002 and UNI CEI EN 46002 for the production of IR and UV medical devices.

Later, in year 2004 DNV certification was replaced with IMQ certification according to 92/42/EEC Directive for the production of electromedical devices.

In year 2005 the Quality System was certified by CSQ according to standard UNI EN ISO 13485:2004.

In year 2014 the Quality System Certification and the 93/42/EEC Directive was taken over by ISTITUTODI RICERCHE E COLLAUDI M. MASINI

Thanks to this long and great experience in the ultraviolet and infrared rays lamps, JELOSIL Srl can quickly satisfy every particular necessity also for single prototype or spare part.