INFRA 1500

HALOGEN QUARTZ LAMP WITH SHORT WAVE INFRARED RAYS for heating (ex. no-smoking protected external areas)

Cod. 0P1C106345


INFRA 1500 is equipped with a special quartz radiant element of 1500W 230V which emits a radiation into the short waves IR band (900-1300 nanometres). The emission spectrum presents a peak at 1000nm and the maximum temperature is about 800°C. It has an instantaneous functionning at full power.

In order to limit the high-beam effect, the quartz tube is internally covered with a special filter.

The IR element is fixed to an aluminum parable with high reflexing power, and can be used in horizontal position.

It's equipped with fixing brackets. Only horizontal operation.

On request, it's available a remote on/off system.

The device is particularly fitted for the direct heating of persons in external covered places (for example external smokers areas) or in working areas inside industrial sheds



- drying (textile industries, …)

- bending of acrylics, PVC, nylon ...

- drying of putty, paints, tiles ...

- in general, irradiation heating of objects, surfaces and persons in internal and external protected areas (no-smoker's external areas)



- Voltage: 230v 50Hz

- Power: 1500W

- Fuse: 1 x F 6,3A

- Weight: Kg. 1,400

- Dimensions of device: cm 42x13x13



- IR emitter cod. 0P1C106350